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Speaking in Tongues

“The greatest indicator of the loss of cultural diversity is language loss.”

Wade Davis, 2003

National Geographic Explorer

"Speaking in Tongues" was the MA Thesis of Graphic Designer Pushpi Bagchi, and her examination of the multilingual diversity of India, with the effect English has on the diminishing use of the native languages. Pushpi designed masks for the 22 official languages of India, though more than 100 are known to exist. Of these designs, I created 5 from different regions around the country, using each area's traditional craft techniques. The completed masks were then photographed on people wearing contemporary clothing, in everyday situations. The final product was featured on A1 sized posters, with information and phrases from the represented language, with suggestions on how to incorporate it into the everyday Indian-English vernacular.


Please click on the images below to enlarge.

Final Posters

Mask Process

Bengali Mask Process

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